Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Ybor Noir - A Frank Geddy Detective Short (Noir De Jure) by John David @johndavidauthor

Ybor Noir - A Frank Geddy Detective Short (Noir De Jure)

Summary: Detective Frank "Giddy" Geddy usually gets his man, and sometimes the girl, too. This isn't one of those times. Ybor City is where the cool people of Tampa go to cut loose and have fun. Getting in to the party is never the problem. Getting out of it sometimes is. In Ybor, you never know what or who you will run into. Between the seedy clubs and bars, in shady back alleys, and at the cigar and tattoo shops--something is for sale on every corner, and there is always trouble within stumbling distance. Where you end up is never where you started . . .

Review: A very short story. Just when you think the story is about to twist and turn, it doesn't. The obvious conclusion is presented and with no apology. The end. Thank you for reading. Move along and do something else. It is an odd way to end a story but also refreshing. But then again, let's say they closed the beach in Jaw from the beginning and everyone packed up and vowed to return next season. The movie would have ended quickly. That is exactly what happened here. An experiment in reality. What if there is no story but you tell it anyway. Ybor Noir is that not story. The author is very talented and it was a great read until it's ending. I recommend this story and enjoy it for what it is, a short story.