Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Hellsgate: To Hell And Back by T.M. Wells

Hellsgate: To Hell And Back

Summary: In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, civilization limps forward. And the little town of Hellsgate is no exception... except when the streets are full of mud and there's nothing to do. Adventurous minds turn to adventure, especially after one gin-soaked playboy college professor finds an important clue to the town's history. Inlisting the help of a bookish, but sexy Anthropogy professor, they set out to find the truth, aided by the town's beautiful, eccentric, doll-like witch.

Demons, flying lizards, aliens, a mysterious cave... they embark on a motorcycle ride through underground, puzzle-filled tunnels in search of... none of them knows for sure, though each seems to be motivated by different reasons.

Hellsgate is a steampunk adventure, full of fun and excitement, goggles and Victoriana... and some of the wildest, raunchiest, anything goes, happy sex ever witten! So, join Professors Stevenson and Carlisle, and the little witch, Kato, as they explore their world and each other and become best sex friends forever. It's a filth-filled, rolicking good time.

Review:  The author of Hellsgate, T.M. Wells, is a "university-trained writer and former editor of a college literary journal." This story does a very good job of showing Wells talent of telling a story. It was well paced and well told and very fun to read. The addition of the sex scenes feels like an after thought as if the author wrote a brilliant story and then went back an peppered in explicit sex. The sex in every scene is rushed and immature. This would have been a better read with out it all together.
I was also discouraged to find small editing mistakes. It caused me to stop and reread many times and it took me out of the story.
I really liked this story and characters Wells brought to life. The reader will tell quickly where Wells talents really are. An excellent story but horrible sex. I hope Wells navigates this flying ship toward more steampunk and less erotica.