Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Ybor Noir - A Frank Geddy Detective Short (Noir De Jure) by John David @johndavidauthor

Ybor Noir - A Frank Geddy Detective Short (Noir De Jure)

Summary: Detective Frank "Giddy" Geddy usually gets his man, and sometimes the girl, too. This isn't one of those times. Ybor City is where the cool people of Tampa go to cut loose and have fun. Getting in to the party is never the problem. Getting out of it sometimes is. In Ybor, you never know what or who you will run into. Between the seedy clubs and bars, in shady back alleys, and at the cigar and tattoo shops--something is for sale on every corner, and there is always trouble within stumbling distance. Where you end up is never where you started . . .

Review: A very short story. Just when you think the story is about to twist and turn, it doesn't. The obvious conclusion is presented and with no apology. The end. Thank you for reading. Move along and do something else. It is an odd way to end a story but also refreshing. But then again, let's say they closed the beach in Jaw from the beginning and everyone packed up and vowed to return next season. The movie would have ended quickly. That is exactly what happened here. An experiment in reality. What if there is no story but you tell it anyway. Ybor Noir is that not story. The author is very talented and it was a great read until it's ending. I recommend this story and enjoy it for what it is, a short story.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Hellsgate: To Hell And Back by T.M. Wells

Hellsgate: To Hell And Back

Summary: In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, civilization limps forward. And the little town of Hellsgate is no exception... except when the streets are full of mud and there's nothing to do. Adventurous minds turn to adventure, especially after one gin-soaked playboy college professor finds an important clue to the town's history. Inlisting the help of a bookish, but sexy Anthropogy professor, they set out to find the truth, aided by the town's beautiful, eccentric, doll-like witch.

Demons, flying lizards, aliens, a mysterious cave... they embark on a motorcycle ride through underground, puzzle-filled tunnels in search of... none of them knows for sure, though each seems to be motivated by different reasons.

Hellsgate is a steampunk adventure, full of fun and excitement, goggles and Victoriana... and some of the wildest, raunchiest, anything goes, happy sex ever witten! So, join Professors Stevenson and Carlisle, and the little witch, Kato, as they explore their world and each other and become best sex friends forever. It's a filth-filled, rolicking good time.

Review:  The author of Hellsgate, T.M. Wells, is a "university-trained writer and former editor of a college literary journal." This story does a very good job of showing Wells talent of telling a story. It was well paced and well told and very fun to read. The addition of the sex scenes feels like an after thought as if the author wrote a brilliant story and then went back an peppered in explicit sex. The sex in every scene is rushed and immature. This would have been a better read with out it all together.
I was also discouraged to find small editing mistakes. It caused me to stop and reread many times and it took me out of the story.
I really liked this story and characters Wells brought to life. The reader will tell quickly where Wells talents really are. An excellent story but horrible sex. I hope Wells navigates this flying ship toward more steampunk and less erotica.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: PROMISCUOUS (The Issues Series) by Isobel Irons @IsobelIrons

PROMISCUOUS (The Issues Series)

Summary:  Slut-Shaming. Anorexia. REVENGE. (You know, High School Stuff.)

Natasha “Tash” Bohner just turned eighteen. Theoretically, that should mean escaping from trailer park purgatory—and her less than stellar relationship with her widowed mother—and running away to Los Angeles with her anorexic best friend, Margot. But life is known for taking some very shitty, unexpected turns.

Already the scourge of the Guthrie High gossip mill, Tash’s reputation takes an explosive turn into infamy when she assaults the captain of the wrestling team. (Spoiler alert: he totally deserved it.) The principal tells her she’s on her last strike.

But when Margot’s will to live is threatened by the leader of the Guthrie Bitch Squad, Tash vows to get revenge on the most popular girl in school—no matter what it takes. Because she promised her favorite teacher she wouldn’t get expelled, Tash is forced to get creative, and beat the reigning Mean Girl at her own game—by running against her for Prom Queen, and winning.

In order to succeed, Tash will have to do the unthinkable: join student government, pretend to be well-adjusted and actually try in school. (Also, she’ll have to quit swearing so goddamn much.)

This might sound like a modern day Cinderella Story, but it is NOT a fairy tale.

Review: Promiscuous reminds me of a John Hughes movie that would be rated R for language and sexual situations. It is a young adult story with emphasis on adult. The issues Irons brings to the table are not easy to face but very real. It is a very predicable cinderella story but that is just the vehicle used by the author to take the reader to a very dark lonely world of Natasha “Tash” Bohner.
It is written from Tash's point of view and she is very angry in the beginning and slowly evolves into the princess. Not the Disney kind of course but a young woman who becomes more self aware and willing to love herself and more importantly, allow someone else to love her.
It is well written with a strong message to young women.


Review: Easing In: A Couple's Guide to Sexual Experimentation and Anal Sex by Judith Powers

Easing In: A Couple's Guide to Sexual Experimentation and Anal Sex

Summary:  This book was written for couples looking to experience the joys of new sexual experiences with a focus on anal sex. The goal of this book is to broaden a couple’s sexual perception and discover the many ways they can pleasure each other.

There are many intricacies to anal sex that must be taken into account in order to make the experience enjoyable for both parties. We will delve into various methods to explore each other’s nether regions and get each other off. You will discover that everyone is unique and has different turn-ons—your goal is to work in conjunction with your partner and maximize pleasure.
We are all sexual beings and the urge to experiment is within all of us. Sex is intended to be both exciting and rewarding. Through communication and compromise, we can fulfill these hidden fantasies. Through the process described in this book, a couple will experience an increase in trust and intimacy that might not otherwise be achieved.

This book provides highly useful information for exploring your fantasies and anal exploration. So what are you waiting for…Ease in.

Review: This book popped up on my radar a while back during a free promotion as nearly all books do. Honestly, I think this is the best title for this book. It sums up everything contained in its pages. All you need to know to begin your anal adventures is ease in. It is well written, straight forward and filled with medical knowledge for safety and sanitation.
If you wish not to go down that back road, this is not for you but at least give the author a thumbs up for such a creative title. If you are looking for information on this stuff. This is a great book for what you are seeking.