Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: I Have My Husband's Permission by Jacquelyne Alberta @JacquieAlberta

I Have My Husband's Permission


Jessica’s husband, Adam, is going through some changes. First, he writes an erotic novel and sells it online, using her name as the author’s name. Then, as sales take off, and male admirers start chatting to them on the internet, he convinces her to assume the role of the sexy female author and flirt with them. As the men want more information, and ask to meet her, Adam does what Jessica never imagined he ever would-he gives her permission!

Through a series of trysts, Jessica re-enacts different chapters from Adam’s book. She has a kitchen scene with the chef, a bedroom liaison with the gardener, and Adam even encourages her to meet the stable-boy in the stables. Working her way through different chapters and different men, she knows there is more to Adam’s behavior than selling books, she just can’t figure out what it is.


Is this a erotic romantic story? I don't have that much reading experience of this genre to judge. I think it's a sad story. First, the poor woman is encouraged to cheat by her husband in order to push book sales. In essence, he's her pimp. Sure she enjoys the freaky sex from well endowed men at first but as the story grows and she reflects on her choices, as well as her husband's, not even great sex can wash away the bad situation she is in. When she discovers the truth behind it all and her world is forever changed, that is when the romance begins but then the story quickly ends. Alberta could have easily continued the story and really turn up the heat but doesn't. We are left with the same dirty feeling of the main character. There is a hint of optimism but not enough.
The main character isn't comfortable describing her own body parts. I thought that was laughable for an erotic story and the story itself is a real bummer. I say pass on this story. I hope the author has grown since writing this piece.