Friday, February 1, 2013

FEUD by Derek Birks @Feud_writer


1st - 5th February 2013

September 1459. England stands on the brink of chaos as the forces of York and Lancaster prepare to settle their differences on the battlefield. As the rule of law breaks down all over England old scores are being settled.

In Yorkshire, the Radcliffe family revive an old feud with their neighbours, the Elders. There is no warning: a father is executed, a brother is killed and a household is ransacked. Emma Elder is dragged from her home and forced to marry the Radcliffe heir. Her younger sister, the beautiful and tigerish Eleanor, is violently abducted and imprisoned in a nunnery.
In a day the Elder family’s world has been destroyed ... but one member of the family remains at large. A young knight, Ned Elder, flees with a handful of loyal companions.
To regain what has been lost he must seek powerful friends and rely on his skill with the sword. But as the brutal Wars of the Roses unfold it seems that Ned cannot succeed on his own. His sisters, his companions in arms and the girl he loves must all play their part if the Radcliffes are to be overcome.

If you like the sort of historical action fiction written by Bernard Cornwell, then you should like this.