Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter's Fury by Richard M. Heredia @RichardMHeredia

Winter's Fury (Snowman)

After the Rending of the Twelve from the World of Man and the Melding fast upon them, the Guardians and their familiars – the Fist – must venture out into a world unlike any other, a mixed world that resembles all that they remember from home, but is much, much more.

It is a hostile place filled with vicious creatures and diabolic foliage, where the icy grip of winter holds sway over all and a constant blizzard blankets the landscape in an unrelenting deluge of snow. The air is frozen and the wind is brutal, and yet the Twelve have no choice. They must leave the confines of their warm sanctuary and search. They must search for the remaining members of their group. They must search for the Gifts that lay dormant within them. They must try to do whatever they can to find a way to survive. They need food. They need clothing. They need permanent shelter.

They must leave; they have too, for time is running out.

The minions of Storm are already flooding onto the Melded World in droves. Fenris dok Kor, the Snowman’s Hand, Vallum, the Master Preost, and Ingheldir, the greatest tracker of Flesh to have ever lived, are but a few of the many vile creatures that quest for the blood of the Twelve.

For, it is the blood of the Twelve that will unlock the Great Maelstrom from his prison. It is their lives that must be forfeit in order to forge a permanent bridge between the known universes, and unleash the Snowman upon them all.

The Twelve must hurry.

War is coming, and on the Melded World the fate of all things will be decided.


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