Saturday, December 22, 2012

STOP Rejection by Ben Smith @bensmithebook

STOP Rejection: 12 Simple Steps for Becoming a DATING Champion (Body Language WORKS ! )

12/22/2012, 12/23/2012

Do you want to have success in dating? READ further!
The SIMPLE TIPS in this book help you to apply the secrets of body language, making you a very ATTRACTIVE person.
Decoding body language correctly saves you time and effort. You can even analyze whether someone is interested in SEX.
Controlling your body language will definitely enhance your dating chances (and save you from rejections).

This book is not only for the dating "newbies"; dating "experts" will also find the techniques useful.
This book outlines the differences between men and women, making it a MUST read for both sexes.
Whether you are looking for a short-term FLIRTING or a long-term RELATIONSHIP, this book will show you the shortest path to becoming a dating EXPERT.

Using a clear CASE STUDY, you can see how easy and POWERFUL the application of body language is.

This book explains everything you should know about body language so that you can apply it with SUCCESS during your dating adventures.

You will learn
  • about the different signs a body is sending;
  • how to interpret someone's body language;
  • how to adapt and change your OWN body language;
  • CONCRETE tips that guarantee YOU success in your dating adventures.

ATTRACTION will become your second nature!
BUY this book and become a FLIRTING expert.

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