Saturday, December 15, 2012

Relocating: How to Find the Best City to Call Home by Claudia Rose @rosehmqueen

Relocating: How to Find the Best City to Call Home


RELOCATING--[45-Question Home Buying Guide Included]
This Kindle book is written with you in mind. "Caring for Clients Like Lifelong Friends" is my company's motto. This attitude is the one I maintained as I wrote this eBook. It is for every home buyer planning to make a move to a new city, town or state. You get valuable resources and ideas to consider while making your plans. You will also get an exclusive quiz that will help you clarify your home search with ease.

Attention Home Buyers:
  • Are you planning to relocate across the country or across town?If you are, have you gathered all the information you need about the best city for you and your family? You can find amazing relocation resources on the Internet. But where do you start? I will guide you to the most in-depth resources to help you identify the best cities for your home search.
  • I will show you how to peer behind the statistics to discover the heart of a city and the best match for you. Because all the statistics available will not tell you if you will feel at home in the
    city of your choice.
Relocating is a complex process that combines house hunting with city and neighborhood research. While you might find a gorgeous home on the Internet, you might not realize the neighborhood is in a state of decline with high crime and foreclosure rates.

As a real estate professional with years of experience in corporate relocation, I can help you identify the hard facts about a city or neighborhood in addition to using your own intuition to help you identify the best city to call home.

What Is Included In This Book:
  • How relocating to a new city can be a FUN adventure
  • How to use your relationship skills to find THE BEST CITY
  • The 4 key characteristics to look for in a city
  • A 3-part technique that holds the key to finding home
  • How to build a neighborhood profile of nearly 200
  • 25+ direct links to content rich websites to help you
  • How to identify the 4 stages of development in the life of a
    city and how it relates to your relocation
And more!

A city can support your dreams; provide opportunities for a
richer life and cherished memories. As a life coach and real estate agent, I
can help you prepare for one of the biggest decisions in your life.       

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