Friday, December 7, 2012

Pandora by Maggie Waters @BooksByMWaters

Pandora (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)

Pandora -- Short Story No. 1 of The Pandora Chronicles. This action-packed, science fiction thriller series revolves around two young adults determined to stop an annual plague that descends upon the people of Arcadia and the surrounding suburbs. Each plague is given a name. The Paralyzing. The Bleeding. The Retching. Is it medical science gone wrong? Is it a spiritual crisis that's bringing about the end of humanity? No one knows why the plagues began, how they spread or what will stop them. As eighteen-year-olds Hope and Jake risk everything to avenge the thousands of deaths caused by the plagues, they discover their first clue: PANDORA. Who is she? What is she? But before they can even begin to unravel this mystery, they have to deal with the realities of autumn and the horror of the plague. 

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