Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dumping the Magic by Connie Donaldson

Dumping the Magic: A Retired Cynic Revisits Spirituality and Healing

Dumping the Magic is the story of a cynical agnostic who stumbled onto proof of a real and vital spiritual path—and the adventures and misadventures she encountered trying to navigate that path. By the time Connie reached the age of 58, her view of spirituality and life were well established. She saw the world as often messy, difficult and unfair and decided that God—if there was a God—was unreachable and uninterested. Spirituality, she thought, was just something weak people used to get them through the night. Then, on March 15, 2005, she had an experience that challenged her old beliefs and made her reconsider her picture of the world. This is the story of what happened when Connie’s old magical lenses were cracked, then broken and eventually removed—unceremoniously dumped—and she had to discover (and allow) new lenses, visions and experiences. With unflinching honesty, Connie reveals the ragged and sometimes circuitous path she took from cynicism and fear of life to an acceptance and appreciation of life as a gift. In Dumping the Magic she shares the sign posts and warning signs that might make a similar seeker’s adventure a little easier, or at least less lonely.


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