Monday, December 3, 2012

Cry for the Moon (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series) by William Woodall

Cry for the Moon (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series)

Zach Trewick has a hard choice to make.  His family expects him to become a werewolf on the night of the next full moon, whether he likes it or not, and he's got only three days left before time runs out. 

Scrambling to find a way to stay human, Zach quickly makes a bold plan to run away from home and find his uncle Justin nearly a thousand miles away in Texas, the only person he can think of who might take him in.

Stowing away in a septic tank, sleeping in a library, and living in a dog house on a vacant lot are among the adventures he encounters along the way.

But the werewolves have no intention of letting him escape so easily.  For although he doesn't know it yet, Zach is the Curse-Breaker, the long-foretold boy who can crush the wolf curse forever, and his family will stop at nothing to prevent that. 

Nominated for the 2010 Texas Lone Star Reading List for excellence in young adult literature, Cry for the Moon is the first book in the Last Werewolf Hunter series, followed by "Behind Blue Eyes,"

The series is suitable for middle-graders and up, since it contains only mild violence and little to no gore.  It has more to do with Zach's ultimate choice to become the last werewolf hunter in the world, and to break the Curse forever. 

The series occasionally contains some light Christian themes.                
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