Saturday, November 24, 2012

You Have Chosen to Remember by James Blanchard Cisneros

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy

The awareness, peace of mind and joy that you are yearning for – is available to you now.

Anything real that has been obtained by religious leaders or spiritual gurus is also obtainable to you. In fact, awareness, peace of mind and joy are not so much obtained as they are realized and remembered. All knowledge resides within you now. Nothing that is given to one is withheld from another. God does not play favorites. God loves all, equally and always.

Love is all you are, it is your foundation. People are taught, and have the perception that they must build on their foundation to experience peace of mind, success and joy. How and what you build on your foundation is up to you, it is your free will. However, if you simply extend what you truly are, you will create more beauty than anything that could or has ever been built. Your base, your foundation, is perfect and you need not add nor subtract anything from perfection.

There are many paths you may choose to take in order to realize awareness, peace of mind and joy in the present moment. The journey will be as complicated as you choose to make it, or as easy as you allow it to be.

Look within, and move towards those paths that offer you peace of mind and joy, and are in alignment with your true self. Do not concern yourself with the paths others may be trying to force upon you, or what others say is the correct or acceptable way to grow. Within your heart, there lies a memory of your true self. It is this memory you search for, and it is this memory you will remember. All truth lies within you. You may have temporarily forgotten this, but you have now chosen to remember.

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy is an incredibly inspiring book filled with simple, yet very effective, strategies for remembering your true self, and embodying awareness, peace of mind and joy - in your day to day life. 

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