Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Wobbler! by S de la Perrelle @SdelaPerrelle

Adventures of the Tooth Fairies - The Wobbler! (Age 8, Age 9, Age 10, Age 11)

The Wobbler! is an adventure within a fairytale setting - a page turner for both boys and girls of 8 years plus.

When Isabella, the tooth fairy, falls foul of a trap to capture her, it is up to her lifelong friend, Jamie, to mount a fearless rescue.
Isabella is not only captured but she also loses her magical powers, she is a prisoner with no means of escaping by herself.
Her only chance of freedom is if Jamie realises that she is missing and can get to her before it is too late.

Will Jamie find Isabella?
Will he suffer the same fate as his lifelong friend?
Will they manage to escape and return home safely?

This is an original story with a modern twist on the classic tooth fairy character.
The fairies are both male and female and they use computers to hold their tooth schedules.

The content of the book is suitable for all ages. There are no profanities, no scary moments nor are there any indiscretions!
The tooth fairy series of three books are all perfect for bedtime stories and can safely be read to youngsters without any fear of nightmares!

However, it is a chapter book with close to 15,000 words and so it is most suitable for reading age 8, age 9, age 10, age 11, and upwards for the young at heart!
The book has been professionally illustrated and edited and has only been brought to you after meticulous care and attention.

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