Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Franciscan by James Rollo

The Franciscan

Father Giovanni Moretti, a prominent historian of the Franciscan brotherhood finds his devout routine changed overnight when he accidently discovers a secret chamber containing an early period Cassock. Stuffed inside the lining of the old robe is a faded hieroglyphic and coded manuscript that will shake his beliefs and remove him from the civilized glory of Rome to the remote and savage frontier of the Wild West. 

With the decoded map entrusted to memory, the Franciscan sets out across the ocean blue on a two-fold mission that will take him on a journey fraught with danger and intrigue. He is not alone however; the sinister figure of Antoine Verdi, swindler and master of disguise stalks his every move.

It is a time when Pioneers pushed west to the Territory of Arizona and California, lured by gold fever and the prospect of untold riches and land for the taking - Indian land that is. In this historically accurate account, Father Moretti will survive deadly Indian uprisings and the Civil War during his search for the lost Opata mine. After experiencing success and bitter disappointment a surprise turn of events will see the saintly sleuth return to the civilized world where he'll try and turn the tables on the master of disguise himself. Or die trying...


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