Saturday, December 22, 2012

Surprisingly...Unstuck by Maria Brilaki

Surprisingly...Unstuck: Rewire your brain to exercise more, eat right, and truly enjoy doing so.


Most of us wish we ate better. We wish we exercised more. We claim our health is important to us, yet, we don't do the things that we know we need to do.

It's not that we have not tried living healthier - we have. Multiple times. It's just that sooner or later...we drop the new diet and quit the gym. Sticking to healthier routines seems like a never-ending battle.

Some of us are wondering...
- “Why the heck have I failed again and again at sticking to exercise and healthier eating?”

Some of us get baffled with our behavior. For example, even though we like exercise, we cannot make it a routine. We are wondering...

- “Why don’t I do what I want to do?”

Others feel they need to whip themselves into shape. Otherwise, "it would never work". They get started with healthier eating or exercise, and try and try and try, and push some more to make themselves stick to it…

- "Does transitioning to living healthier have to be hard?"

In "Surprisingly...Unstuck" Brilaki combines research on how our brain codes habits with real case studies to explain why people fail again and again at making exercising more and eating right stick, and how to make lasting change actually happen.

The good news? You don't need to whip yourself into shape and, yes, lasting change is actually possible and just a few steps away from you...   

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