Monday, November 26, 2012

JOMO AND MATA by Alyssa Chase

JOMO AND MATA Sibling Rivalry Children's Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version)


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Fully Illustrated Version

Picture Book for reading with the younger child - ages 3-6

This version of JOMO AND MATA includes all the luminous illustrations just waiting to enchant children of any age, and especially the read-to set.

If the text-only version is better for your needs, then please click on JOMO AND MATA in the Text-Only Version for the serious young reader - ages 6-9.

Happy reading in either Version.


JOMO AND MATA will help investigate the important issues of sibling rivalry and the uniqueness of each child.

Promote understanding and respect among brothers and sisters.

Elephants are the largest of all land animals, but Jomo is just a little elephant. His brother Mata is four years older and twice as big. And though Jomo has a strong will and a good nose, he can't hope to match Mata at digging into the dry earth with his feet and tusks to find the underground water.

But who needs to dig a well anyway when there's a river to drink from? Little Jomo might just as well rest in his brother's shadow and play a tune on his trunk.

So begins Alyssa Chase's tale of sibling rivalry, set on the East African savannah-a majestic yet harsh landscape that will allow Jomo few such carefree moments before drought theatens the survival of the young elephant and his family. When the river goes dry and scorched leaves drop from the trees, thirsty and hungry Jomo learns that elephant wells don't dig themselves and that getting the job done is more important than besting his brother.

In sun-filled watercolor panoramas, illustrator Andra Chase has captured the stark beauties of Jomo's homeland-the flat-topped thorn tree and gnarled baobab, the graceful candelabra cactus and the crusty mounds of termites. And in beguiling portraits, she has described the inhabitants of the African grasslands-the gangly giraffe, the watchful zebra, the golden-eyed lion, and of course the elephants, large and small, so mysterious yet so human.

A SURPRISE and added bonus is the "Enrichment Information" which includes lots of facts about the Masai people and the animals of the East African Savannah, the family life of elephants, their powerful ears, trunks and tusks, and unusual eating habits, facts about weaver birds, termite mounds and hyrax, the elephant's closest relative, no bigger than a rabbit!

A second big plus is the "Letter to Parents and Educators" which includes many relevant questions and comments to facilitate conversation with the young reader about the message of the story - learning to cope with the challenges of sibling rivalry. So even though on the surface, this is just an engaging story for children, it is also truly helpful in a real way.

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