Friday, November 23, 2012

Honor of the Tome by Bruce Goldwell

Honor of the Tome (First book in the Dragon Keepers series)

Book One of the Dragon Keepers series

THE DRAGON KEEPERS for centuries were the custodians and caretakers of the most prestigious and elite species of animal in the known universe ... Dragons.

Dragon keepers held the sole responsibility and honor of helping bring each and every dragon into the world and helped in the training of young dragons until they were of age to leave the much-guarded safety of the Valley of Dragons.
No one had ever been inside the Valley of Dragons except for the dragon keepers and the Elfins who also lived in the valley. The location of the valley, and how to gain entrance, was such a well guarded secret that none outside of the valley even knew for sure whether or not the valley really existed.

As happens with most secrets the existence of the Valley of Dragons would become known and those who live in this protected refuge would be in dire danger. No one knows why, but sooner or later, secrets always find a way of getting out.

The Valley of Dragons has been the most important secret for ever so long. Because of this, dragons have always had a safe place to give birth to their offspring and more importantly, the Valley of Dragons has been a place for the young dragons to grow up and increase their powers before going out into the world. There are so many dangers that dragon's have to face that they have to be trained in all aspects of survival before they leave the valley.

Once a dragon left the Valley of Dragons, it never returned to the valley again accept in situations of dire importance. By adhering to this rule, the secret of the Valley of Dragons had remained intact for hundreds and thousands of years.
That was all about to change!

An Adventure for the whole family

Kids, teens and adults
can all take part in this fantasy adventure of Merlin the Magician. Merlin is 13 years old in book one and will continue to age and grow as the series of books unfolds.

Merlin learns wisdom and grows in character and strength so that when the day of his destiny comes, he will become the wisest and most powerful wizard to ever live.

The Adventure Starts Now!   

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