Friday, November 30, 2012

Flights of Angels by Cindy Brandner @writerCBrandner

Flights of Angels (Exit Unicorns Series)

From the dark fairy tale forests of Russia...
To the steamy intrigues of a Hong Kong opium den...
From ancestral secrets long hidden in a Paris mansion...
To the rolling, bloody hills of Ireland during the Troubles...

Meticulously researched and brilliantly written, this, the third book in Cindy Brandner's magnificent Exit Unicorns series continues the story of Casey and Pamela Riordan, Pat Riordan and Jamie Kirkpatrick.

Trapped by circumstance and the events of his past in the USSR, Jamie Kirpatrick struggles to survive in a hostile environment where not all is as it seems, and blood bonds are forged with enemies in order to survive.

In Ireland, Pamela and Casey Riordan attempt to live a normal life amidst deceit, betrayal and an unofficial war that claims more than just blood. Bequeathed a legacy by Jamie Kirkpatrick, they struggle to keep an empire intact but cannot know the surprises that await them.

Flights of Angels is not only historical fiction, but equal parts political thriller, love story and fairy tale. Richly embroidered with lush imagery, spanning continents and vastly different cultures, this is an epic tale of country and the turnings of the human heart.           

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