Friday, November 16, 2012

Dottie and Weasel by Charlotte Panning @DottieAndWeasel

Dottie and Weasel: Lemonade Fiasco (The Adventures of Dottie and Weasel)

We all have days when everything seems to go wrong. New children's book author Charlotte Panning, in her book, Dottie and Weasel: Lemonade Fiasco, tells a whimsical story about two adorable dogs: one sweet and good-natured, the other feisty and high-strung. The two dogs go loafing around the neighborhood and a fiasco unfolds that lands them in deep trouble.

This book is part of The Adventures of Dottie and Weasel children's book series. The books are for children ages seven and up. Illustrations have been added to enhance the reading experience for the child.

Typically, in the description area for the book, the author likes to provide some details about the story. However, Dottie, one of the main characters in the book, insists she be given this honor. So without further delay, here are a few words from Dottie:

“Hello, everyone. Okay, I know you all were expecting to hear from my creator, Charlotte Panning, but I strongly felt, since I was a lead character in the book, the honor to tell you about the story should be mine. Naturally, there was a rather heated discussion between Charlotte and me revolving around this issue. But my superb skills in the art of persuasion won me the honor.

“I told Charlotte, when she was writing this book, I have a “mastermind” that would have saved me from getting into the troublesome situation that transpires in the story. But no, she wouldn't listen to me. Instead, my dear pal Weasel and I find ourselves the victims of a fiasco that transpires into even further trouble for us that wretched day. It irks me every time I think about what happened that day!

“Okay, I have to admit the troublesome fiasco came about because I couldn't squelch my desire to go loafing around the neighborhood. But, hey, what is life without a little adventure, right?

“You'll meet Flex the cat in this story. Flex and I have what may be described as a love-hate relationship. I'm not feeling the love in this story because Flex's actions make me see red. Come read the story, Dottie and Weasel: Lemonade Fiasco, and find out what Flex does that turns my day into an unforgettable fiasco.”       
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