Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Entanglement by Tamara Ternie

The Entanglement (An American Historical Romance)

Forced by her father to honor a betrothal contract with Lord Blakely, Liza Lee devises a plan to wed a man—any man—as long as it's not the English lord whose reputation for debauchery travels from England to the States. Fitting according to her plan, a stranger arrives in her hometown of Atlanta and she deceives him into marriage. Caleb Mathis unsuspectingly falls into her snare. . .

Caleb Mathis thought it’d be a simple task—leave his farming town of Willowville, Virginia, search for his father who’s been unjustly accused of murder, then return home safe and sound, all faculties intact. That didn’t include a bride, let alone an obstinate one. With firm plans on an annulment once back in Willowville, Caleb struggles to keep his desires for Liza Lee in check and his main objective priority—the search and vindication of his father. Complications multiply when Lord Blakely arrives to retrieve his rightful bride, but more important, the inheritance she's entitled.

The Entanglement offers an array of emotional turns and presents excitement, tension, and a good mix of romance and humor.

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