Friday, October 5, 2012

Naturally up to 160 calories, Everyday delicious treats! by Revital Federbush

Naturally up to 160 calories. Everyday delicious treats!

If you have a sweet tooth, and want to savor a delicious, healthy treat daily without gaining weight, this is the book for you!
With the "Naturally up to 160 calories. Everyday delicious treats!" you can:
* Discover the secrets of and innovative techniques for making delicious, fluffy cakes using natural, healthy ingredients such as applesauce (100 calories/cup), Greek yogurt (183 calories/cup) and orange juice instead of oil and butter (1,700 calories/cup). You can enjoy a good-size sweet treat (the size of a standard muffin, cupcake or two large cookies) of 160 calories max.
* Find a large and varied range of easy, from-scratch recipes for sweet and healthy cakes, cupcakes and cookies, using only natural ingredients, including real sugar, and without any fake ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, egg substitutes or any other dietetic products.
* Make healthy, delicious treats for children. All recipes were sampled on children - they loved the flavors and had no idea they were eating low-calorie treats.


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