Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michael Did What? by Michael Cavallo

Michael Did What?

Or perhaps the question should read, “What Hasn’t Michael Done?”

Michael’s achievements range from the simplest of tasks to the grandest of accomplishments. Michael’s ubergreatness knows no bounds!

*The secret to Michael’s three-bean salad is that unprecedented fourth bean.*

*While Moses parted the Red Sea, Michael parted the Red Sox. He then singled up the middle, driving in two.*

*Go mano-a-mano with Michael, and you’ll be left manoless.*

*Michael hears the Pope’s confessions.*

*Michael proved that if you watch ‘The Hollywood Squares’ on a 3D television, it becomes ‘The Hollywood Cubes.’

*There are currently over 90,000 personal ads listed under “Women Seeking Michael.”*

*Michael discovered the atomic weight of the periodic table, which is 3.65 ounces.*

*Irrational numbers make complete sense to Michael.*

*Sales skyrocketed when Michael suggested that George Foreman change the name of his Foreskin Grill.*

Michael’s resume is truly something beautiful to behold. These are only a few of Michael’s exploits. Actually, most of these were done just last Friday, right after lunch. ‘Michael Did What?’ contains over 350 more of his greatest triumphs, in every category imaginable, as well as some which defy categorization. ‘Michael Did What?’ was collected to leave you impressed, in awe, and incontinent.

*Michael put Twinkies on the map. He then moved them because he couldn’t see the capital of Argentina.*


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