Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Corny Jokes and Humor by Susan Sherbert

Halloween Corny Jokes and Humor (Holiday corny joke books)

CORNY JOKE: What do you do if you make a mistake carving your pumpkin?

CORNY ANSWER: Take it to a pumpkin PATCH

I have never understood why the purpose of Halloween is to scare the poo poo out of people. Well there is nothing scary about these jokes. In fact, they are so corny they will make you groan, not moan.

This book is a quick and easy read but it is also one that will be around for a while. I gave copy to a client and later he told me that his kids held on to the book and brought it back out every Halloween for years.

The jokes are short, clean and original so the humor would be fun to share at a Halloween part or even with the trick or treaters that come knocking at your door.  

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