Monday, October 22, 2012

Growing Up On Chaplin River by Robert Lewis Horn

Growing Up On Chaplin River - Tales of My Father and His Friends

While sitting around my dad's shop at lunch and during breaks, I listened intently to him tell friends and employees the stories that are in my book. The stories are about a time gone by when children played together outside for hours and had exciting Tom Sawyer-type adventures that young people today rarely experience. Although in many ways their lives were simple, most of them also worked hard on family farms or in family businesses. Life was hard for families at that time as banks were failing and people’s lives were suddenly changed. These pages will relate many of the tales and the friendships my father had from his childhood until his late teens. After he realized he was not going to be able to accept the basketball scholarship offered to him by the University of Kentucky, he was very disappointed and decided to move to Cincinnati to start a new life for himself and the girl he planned to marry, my mother, Pearl Sexton.
Employees would always gather around to listen when “Big Bob” was telling stories. I have spent my life in manufacturing management and as I have matured and learned to appreciate life and relationships, I realized that one day that my Dad’s stories might be enjoyed by others. My mother and I tried for years to get Dad to write a book but he just never around to it. So I decided to write it for him and for my children and grandchildren so that his stories would never be lost. I am putting them in 3 separate volumes. This book, the first of the series covers his childhood and youth in Cornishville and Harrodsburg, KY.

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