Saturday, October 27, 2012

Granjy's Eyes by Matt McAvoy @Matt_McAvoy

Granjy's Eyes (Modern Tales of Horror)

One of the author's "MODERN TALES OF HORROR", available as a complete works.

Meet Ollie. Well-educated and spoilt - a rich kid, fun-loving party-goer and brutal sociopath.

Ruthlessly arrogant Ollie takes what he wants, when he wants it. But Ollie's going to learn, the hard way, that for every action there's a consequence, and for every bounty a price.

Because living with Granjy isn't the bed of roses he thought it was going to be; the blind old lady sees everything - sees him - and most of all sees the monster he is becoming, in a way that nobody else can. And that strange and terrible perception that surely only she has frightens Ollie more than he'll ever admit.

It was she that spoilt him rotten-to-the-core, and now his payment is due. Her sightless eyes and her creepy, knowing smile will compel him to tear apart his own dark soul.

Granjy will teach him new meaning of the word 'remorse'.

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