Friday, October 5, 2012

Before You Say "I Do" - 51 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse bySandra E Mosley @Machisright

Before You Say "I Do" - 51 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse

These authors have been married for
over 31 years now having published the original book in 2002. Although not experts
in the marital counseling field, they used life experience and mentorship they
have received over the years to guide and grow their relationship. They state,
"Your decision will be based on prayer and clear and concise facts that come
straight from the horses' mouth, as they say". Using themselves as transparent examples, find
out the answers to questions that are provocative, revealing and crucial to:

  • Choosing a mate for life
  • Getting to know the person to whom
    you will say, "I Do"
  • Avoiding the heartache of an unhappy
  • Being reasonably assured that the
    person you want to marry meets your expectations and requirements.

 Discover if your potential spouse:

  • Can manage money
  • Really wants children
  • Can be committed until death and
    much more

You might be thinking that you
already know all you need to know about the love of your life. Lifelong
happiness is within your reach. This book offers 51 questions to help you gain
amazing insight into one of the most important decisions you will make. Each
question is complimented with quotes and/or biblical scriptures. Allow this
easy to use book to be part of the magic, in building a strong pre-marital

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