Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ally Cat by Shannon Guernsey C. @S_Moooo

Book 2: Ally Cat (Fassa Tails)

A fun story for kids that follows two lovable cats - Fassa and Ally - as they learn the valuable life lesson: Home is Where the Love Is

Fassa arrives home with his Person to find none other than his beloved pink-nosed cat. Fassa reveals the exciting story of how he met Ally one snowy day.

A homeless Fassa is wandering in a snowstorm when he meets Ally, who has been abandoned by her family. Ally has decided she can only depend on herself, but Fassa is determined to be a good friend to her. When Ally finds herself in trouble and Fassa comes to the rescue, she realizes she can rely on Fassa.

Before they can enjoy their newfound friendship, Ally is whisked away by a group of humans. After searching high and low for Ally, Fassa and Ally are reunited and learn: Home is where the love is.

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