Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vertical Gardening by Don Evans @gardenerdon

Vertical Gardening - Bountiful Results in Small Spaces (Gardening with Don)

Vertical Gardening - Bountiful Harvest in Small Places was written by Don Evans, an avid gardener who enjoys things a little "different" in his garden. It's concise and simple, with detailed plans and clear instructions on vertical garden design, (a form of container planting), that can be built from everyday materials found in any backyard and local hardware shop - materials that certainly won't break the bank.

Inside you'll find...

The Idea Behind Vertical Gardening

Whether it's a focal point in an existing garden landscaping layout, or as a means to enjoy gardening in tight spaces.
  • Buying a Vertical Tower - the things to look for, and the additional items you may need.

  • How to build a Flower Tower - An inexpensive, easy to maintain and colorful garden tower that will surely be the focal point in your garden, & the envy of all your visitors.

  • How to build a Strawberry Tower - Enjoy unlimited fresh Strawberry's, and enough for the entire family, all from the harvest of just one of these beauty's.

  • How to build a Fresh Herb Tower - Imagine enjoying the freshest of fresh herbs right from out your back door. No more dried herbs for you, after all nothing beats fresh!

  • How to Build a Vegetable Tower - Yes, you can grow vegetables vertically, but of course you have to pick your species. (Plan on buying your sweet corn from the market still - some plants of course aren't meant to be grown in a tower!)

  • Building a Potato Tower - Turn a handful of seed potatoes into 20 lbs of fresh potatoes in an area of no more than two square feet!
Vertical Gardening - Bountiful Harvest in Small Places is great for all gardeners who are looking for ideas to brighten up an existing garden, maybe create awesome Flower Tower sentinels to grace a deck, or for those looking for some fresh herbs perhaps, but have limited space. The ultimate in container gardens. The possibilities are endless.
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