Sunday, December 23, 2012

Milsbourne, Michigan by OJ Connell

Milsbourne, Michigan (Tales of Terror #1)


Have you a hunger for eerie tales-- for stories of the supernatural and the occult? If so, I offer you this tasty morsel-- a TALE OF TERROR-- to whet your appetite! Read it at your own risk, and realize that, like most late-night snacks, it has a tendency to cause nightmares...  The mining town of Milsbourne, Michigan was once a successful settlement, boasting great natural wealth and an active populace.  Sometime in the 1870's, everything changed.  A researcher stumbles upon a mention of this long-forgotten settlement and becomes obsessed with trying to find the reason for its sudden abandonment. His investigation leads him to the Michigan woods, where he learns, first-hand, why it was that Milsbourne fell off of the map so suddenly.  Milsbourne, Michigan is a short tale of terror by OJ Connell, author of the Edgar Sullivan series of paranormal mysteries. It first appeared in the successful anthology The Big Book of New Short Horror (Pill Hill Press, 2011). This Kindle edition is the definitive version.

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