Saturday, September 22, 2012

Her Gift Of Love by Jendai Rilbury @writerjr

Her Gift Of Love

Hilary was happy with her life with Tom, until she saw him in the passionate embrace of another woman. She had so much love to give, but Tom was no longer the romantic lover Hilary fell in love with and something important was now missing from their relationship.
Meanwhile, Tom was enjoying the best sex of his life with Trudy, an attractive woman many years older but with tremendous experience in handling romantic affairs. He took every opportunity to meet with Trudy at the expense of his previously happy relationship with Hilary. His life then embarks on a downward spiral of lust and desire.
Love and romance came back into Hilary’s life, after she enjoyed a sex-charged night with Harry, a mature and sophisticated lover who introduced her to sexual activities she previously only read about in magazines.

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