Thursday, November 15, 2012

ANU-BIS by T.O. Bolseen


When the six-mile long Isisian Crystal Galaxy ship, Anu-bis, entered the Sol System with the express purpose of initiating first contact with Earth, it would set off a chain of events that would change Earth and David Bolseen’s life forever. It would begin with David resigning his position with the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations, and subsequent vacation to California where he meets Tulip Rose, a beautiful young woman who would become the love of his life, and he of hers. Together they find themselves invited to come aboard Anu-bis by the Senior Fleet Admiral and, from there, things only get more complicated for David, Tulip and Earth. This is set against the backdrop of the tumultuous events brought about by man’s first contact with the very advanced and unusual Isisians.

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