Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anti Supernatural Assault Team by Michael Keyth @MichaelKeyth

Anti Supernatural Assault Team- Book 1- The Seal of Solomon- Part 1 (Anti-Supernatural Assault Team)

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you were responsible for saving the world from its inevitable end? An enormous burden for sure. Tokutei, Lian, Surya, Jason and Dan will soon learn exactly what that feeling tastes. In Book 0 you learned the story behind each member. Now you’re going to see them together in action. When the team comes to San Francisco, they soon learn that the way to stop the end of the world is not an easy one. They need to find five pieces of the Seal of Solomon, and the very first piece is held by a powerful vampire- Reiz. Read through the adventure of these six people. Feel the action and emotions. Love the characters, get your mind twisted by unforgettable flashbacks. This is a book that you will not easily forget.

Twitter: @MichaelKeyth

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