Wednesday, September 19, 2012

American Karma by Doug Shear @dougshear

American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods

An anti-materialistic hippie searches for Utopia, but finds the most notorious get-rich-quick scheme of the 20th century.

It’s the summer of 1971. The Vietnam War rages on. Nixon declares the War on Drugs. Jim Morrison dies in a bathtub. And all a nice Jewish boy from Miami wants is escape Paradise so he can find Utopia. Doug is a 17-year old hippie-wannabe who has all the answers. It’s just the questions that elude him. So he sets off on a psychedelic journey across America in his steel-toed boots. It’s a drug-hazed time of shag carpets and free love while trying to steer clear of farm-bred mosquitoes, a chainsaw attack, escaped convicts, angry villagers, a satanic cult and a pack of wild dogs. Doug’s journey becomes a wild ride with a merry band of folks looking for their piece of the American Dream. Instead he stumbles into the most notorious get-rich-quick scheme of the twentieth century, and learns the true meaning of American Karma.

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