Friday, August 10, 2012

River Dawn by Stephen Graff @sgraffwriter

River Dawn

In a bleak, distant future, 15 year old Alice is on a journey of survival through a dark, flooded world. It is a savage landscape of forest, black water, and death. River dwellers struggle to stay alive, and despots roam the flood plain looking for followers to brainwash and victims to kill. A ruthless preacher and his men are hunting for a mysterious teenage boy. One morning, Alice and her father rescue a boy, named Daniel, left for dead on a wooden barge. Now, as killers close in, she and Daniel must find safe passage. She must also find a way to meet the teenage girl from the past who has been writing her frantic messages on the tattered pages of her journal. On a storm-battered island, in the shadow of an abandoned lighthouse, these two young women will reach across time and space. Is it one last chance for them to bring hope to the worlds in which they live, or is it too late? RIVER DAWN is a dystopian tale of suspense for adults and older teens.

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