Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coyote Midnight by Rickard B DeMille

Coyote Midnight - Chapter 1 (A Teaser) (Travis Deacon Series)

This is a teaser, a special preview of Chapter One of COYOTE MIDNIGHT. COYOTE MIDNIGHT is the second book of the Travis Deacon series, sequel to the Debut Dagger and SouthWest Writers finalist HELLFIRE.

HELLFIRE tells the story of Travis Deacon who, along with the beautiful Detective Sergeant Dee Jones, peruses a master terrorist across Wales. Travis and Dee battle fanatical assassins, and elude MI5 agents trying to bring them down, to prevent the most devastating terrorist attack in British history.

In COYOTE MIDNIGHT, Travis brings Dee back to Texas to convalesce. The plan is to relax, recover, and finally enjoy some peace and quiet together. Plans change.

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