Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Community Healthcare by Robert Green @HealthcareNovel

Community Healthcare: Finding a Common Ground with New Expectations in Healthcare

Follow the physicians, practice manager and support staff on their journey as they navigate the changing landscape of expectations in healthcare within their clinic and the community. From new expectations for patient engagement to the new definitions of roles among the clinic staff, there are a myriad of opportunities to make incremental changes that have a real impact on patient satisfaction. The experiences that physicians and patients and support staff share in the clinical setting will leave you with insights from how to balance the complexity of care and coordination, establish a culture of accessibility of health information to creating effective relationships with clinic vendors.
Meet the characters:
• Dr. Susan, fiercely independent physician who cherishes the opportunity to help people in her community by managing her own clinic.
• Dr. John: Compassionate physician who is at a crossroads in his career, searching for the right organizational fit between the independent clinic and hospital organization.
• Emily: The practice manager who while considering the accessibility of the clinic for patients within the community recognizes that her own community of peers is more accessible that she ever imagined.
• James: Responsible for the cash flow and those reimbursements, and with his own awareness of the importance of best practices and consistency finds a meaningful connection with Emily in her efforts.
• Amy: Receptionist who wants to help every patient as much as she can, but is finding out that it's becoming more difficult to do so everyday.

The patients in the story represent the people who have trusted the physician for their care in so many circumstances, from the common cold to chronic conditions. These patients share direct requests, and hints, regarding expectations for patient engagement in the clinic and otherwise.

So participate in the journey and find your starting point in defining your community of healthcare!

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