Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Angels Mark by Natalie Buske Thomas @writernbt

Angels Mark (The Serena Wilcox Mysteries)

Serena Wilcox and her family have destroyed their old home and faked their deaths to go off the grid under new identities, after obtaining insider information about a threat to the United States. The attack does indeed happen, and after the resulting war (not the focus of this book), America is geographically divided between two governing presidents: John Williams is conservative and Japanese-American Ann Kinji is liberal. While the new government structure is still in its infancy Serena uncovers a conspiracy (the main plot) that could get her killed. Futuristic America is in the hands of former private detective Serena Wilcox, a scary prospect for sure!

Conservatives, liberals and independents will all find themselves in this book. The controversial scene "a private meeting of the two presidents" is alone worth the read. By the end of the book, all ideologies will see who the real winners and losers are.

The Serena Wilcox Mysteries are hard to classify into a single genre, and are a genre all their own: crimes that have never happened (yet) either because the technology doesn't exist, or because no one has thought to do it. Other features of the series are its offbeat plots (plots-within-plots with many twists and endings readers can't guess) and no graphic violence or sexual content, yet edgy (hardboiled) and contemporary, even futuristic, when read the same year as the publishing date; the books written in 2000 or earlier have lost most of that edge.

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