Sunday, July 1, 2012

Like Wax Under Flame by Alexandra Pelaez @sirenshaper

Like Wax Under Flame

Everyone knows the story of the apocalypse: The greedy, corrupted world governments waged war, devastated the entire planet, mutated the majority of humanity through biological weapons, and destroyed themselves in the process. The gangs took their place and the only rule of survival was to join them, or at least get on good terms with one or five. Try to survive on your own…well, the concept is nothing short of laughable.

But not to nineteen-year-old Dane. A psychic gifted with extraordinary telekinetic powers, senses, and a self-programmed drive to survive, the thought of bowing to any form of authority is less than laughable. Dane doesn’t question the story of the apocalypse, and has convinced herself that she is content to be the only one of her kind. But she is destined to pierce through the shadow of ignorance that blankets the world. People are watching her, people who want her to know that World War III was merely a smokescreen to hide another war. A war driven by prejudice and paranoia. A war that resulted in the near extinction of Dane’s people and gave birth to a savage, lawless world…

This is a 23,000 word short story based on an adult dystopian novel that is currently in the works.

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