Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kill Town, USA by Joseph Love @JosephNeilLove

Kill Town, USA

When accountant Jack Heart loses his job at Major Meat, Inc., he decides to pursue a lifelong dream: hiking the Appalachian Trail. The experienced, calculating Jack is puzzled to realize his time in the woods has isolated him, and that something uncontrollable is taking over the world. Eating tainted meat from the ubiquitous Major Meat, Americans are turning into flesh-hungry corpses. Despite his enigmatic independence and difficult circumstances, Jack finds himself drawn to a local woman, Audrey. Unable to resist Audrey’s quiet beauty and level-headedness, Jack brings her with him as he tries to navigate out of a quarantined mountain town—but she’s already infected.

For all his stoicism and outdoor knowledge, Heart is a man tormented by a sad, parentless past and a seemingly sad and lonely future. When the couple embarks on a daring, suicidal mission to save innocent locals from vigilantes, Jack Heart descends into a dark, violent place in order to lead Audrey to safety.

Tense, fast-paced, and bloody, Kill Town, USA is a tale that will chill you, possess you, and leave you wanting more.

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