Thursday, July 5, 2012

Intersection of Broken Paths, A Nation of Lies Novel by D.E. Parrish @HogcountryHero

Intersection of Broken Paths, A Nation of Lies Novel

In this first book of the Nation of Lies series, author D.E. Parrish returns the thrill to thriller and reminds readers of what it is like to truly fall in love with characters and the stories they tell.

Special Agent Jared Nolan—FBI—is a drunk who has managed to all but destroy a career that started out with so much promise. Yet, with one foot out the proverbial door, he is given one last opportunity to put at bay those within the bureau who are lining up to see him out to the street. Worried that they may have a serial killer on their hands, the Little Rock police department has reached out for assistance, and Jared is dispatched to his hometown in Arkansas to help with the hunt.

Hours after arriving in Little Rock, Jared is paired with the hard-assed Detective Samantha Eubanks, and right away, the two are forced to look past their obvious differences and a lingering sexual tension as the roller-coaster ride to their killer begins. However, just as the two investigators feel as though they are about to get their hands on the man who can give them the answers they need to solve the case, he winds up dead by an assassin’s bullet. Feeling like they are back to square one, they discover that their killer is connected to a shadow government that is behind a centuries-old conspiracy to take over this country.

In the end, Jared and Samantha—aided by some old faces from Jared’s military past—get their killer, and in the process, a metaphorical wall is dropped—exposing the conspirators for the first time ever.

Readers will become captivated by this story and the characters who live it, as well as discover a way to not only follow, but to interact with them on social media. Intersection of Broken Paths is a million-dollar read at a dime-store price.

D.E. Parrish is a ten-year veteran of the U.S. Army. He currently resides in Farmington, Arkansas, where he enjoys creating his politically charged thrillers with characters based on people he has shared his life with.

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