Friday, July 20, 2012

Hyperpano Issue 1 by Anthony Nolan

Hyperpano Issue 1

Hyperpanofiction is where short stories are interwoven with interconnected links for you to transverse across characters, events, genres, and timelines, to make bigger stories. You control the story as you puzzle out the journey. Just choose your own starting point to explore and unravel the maze of connections and alternatives. Warning, Hyperpanofiction is not recommended for the passive reader, and the aerobic reader should expect a medium workout. Warning, this is not for the passive reader, as a mental aerobic workout is intended.

Welcome to the first issue of Hyperpano. Hyperpano is a series of eBook issues, written in Hyperpanofiction and hyperpanononfiction. Each issue will be dedicated to a specific subject or storyline. The Hyperpanofiction works will be fictional short stories interlinked together for entertainment. The Hyperpanononfiction will be works for training, using fiction and role-play, to achieve training outcomes.

Our first issue is a sampler of some fictional works, which have been extracted from works in progress, and will appear as a whole issue in the coming issues.

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