Friday, July 27, 2012

HIGH STRANGENESS-Tales of the Macabre by Billie Sue Mosiman @BillieMosiman

HIGH STRANGENESS-Tales of the Macabre

Three tales of the strange and macabre from Bram Stoker nominated author Billie Sue Mosiman.

CARNIVAL FREAK-it's an earlier time when carnivals offered a freak show. The first show features the expected oddities like the Lizard Man and the Fat Lady, but five patrons stay for the special attraction that comes afterward. They're going to see the Freak of Freaks. They see something that could make grown men run away in fear. One of the least frightened patrons learns something about herself she doesn't know--a secret always kept hidden.

A RIP IN TIME-A strong woman living in the steampunk world of the wild west is given a clockworks box that talks. It draws shape shifters to it. If only she could figure out what the little box is trying to tell her, even life locked up as an innocent in jail might be sustainable. Until...a conjured child from the Magick box predicts a rip in time.

FRANKENSTEIN: RETURN FROM THE WASTELAND-This novelette continues the masterpiece of Mary Shelley, resurrecting Robert Walton who is intent on finding the monster in the snowy wilds of the north. His trip is perilous, his party may slip away and leave him in the night. His obsession drives him on across the icy glaciers to find the monster despite all odds. He may wish he hadn't been so persistent.

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