Monday, July 16, 2012

AMY Blinded by Deceit by Romanie Brooke @romanieb

AMY Blinded by Deceit

Orphans Amy Flint, seventeen, and her six-year-old brother Sammy arrived in London destitute and homeless. Dick, a boy they met on the road offered them shelter and protection. Looking for work one day, Amy, along with her brother, got lost in the sprawling city.
Meeting an older girl, Grace, who took them under her wing, a strong friendship was forged. Desperate to keep herself and Sammy from starving, Amy became a ‘Mud-lark’, working the Thames riverbed.
To take her mind off the back-breaking and bone numbing work, Amy sang. Her voice was heard one day by a Theatrical Agent who offered her a chance to escape the miserable poverty she, her brother and Grace endured.
From that day Amy found her life changed. She met the handsome and charismatic Charles Lattimer. But once married, Charles Latimer was not the man she thought him to be.
Dick was to enter her life once more when she most needed help. He gave her that help, but help that led to unforeseen consequences.

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