Thursday, June 28, 2012

Widow by Billie Sue Mosiman @BillieMosiman



A novel of feminism taken to the ultimate limit by a woman who no longer has anything to lose.

First her husband killed their children, then himself. Now she's on her own, and she's bent on making sure it never happens to another woman. It's too late for her...she's already damaged. She's already caught in the depths of despair where only taking the law into her hands holds out any sort of relief. Yet when she stops the evil she's felt compelled to commit, the murders continue. Someone is a copycat, pinning crimes on her, stalking her, teasing her with his devious plan. She can't make him stop. There may be no way out of the trap she's created out of loss, out of desperation.

There's another problem--she's falling in love with the detective who is in charge of tracking her down. Life is a complex series of paradoxes, a spiral of fear and murder where nothing is as it seems.

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