Friday, June 22, 2012

Thief by Jane Glatt

Thief (Brotherhood of the Throne)

Book 1 in the Brotherhood of the Throne series

When Duke Thorold murders her mother, indentured servant Brenna Trewen flees to Kingsreach.
Forced to live in the shadows, she’s caught stealing from the Church of the One-God and comes to the attention of Kane Rowse. But Kane is more than the Captain of the Kingsguard, he’s also a senior member of the Brotherhood of the Throne, a secret society that follows the old gods and was formed generations ago to safeguard the bloodline of the first king.
And with the childless king dying, the Brotherhood is convinced that Brenna is the one prophesied – the one they have waited two millennia for.
Despite her new-found magical abilities, Brenna doesn’t believe in the Brotherhood’s prophecy. But when the Church of the One-God tries to kill her, she’s forced to accept their offer of a safe haven.
After stealing her mother’s knife from Duke Thorold, Brenna realizes that it is made of the same old steel as the ancient weapons of the Brotherhood. Is she really the one prophesied? And can the Brotherhood keep her safe from both Duke Thorold and the church of the One-God?

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