Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Summons To Perdition by John L. Work @WORK949

A Summons To Perdition (The Detective J.D. Welch Novels)

J.D. WELCH comes back for one last curtain call in this suspense-filled final novel in the series.

Our retired detective receives a phone call from prominent defense investigator Mike Woleski, who has a rather urgent request. He wants to hire the former cop to locate PATTY CURTIS, Woleski’s missing college freshman granddaughter.

Patty has disappeared with her Egyptian lover, HAMID KHAZEMI. He is one of a seven-member terrorist cell that’s been dispatched on a jihad mission which will kill hundreds of Americans.

Patty’s mother, MARY, is a rising star in Colorado politics and doesn’t want the police involved in the search for her daughter.

Welch enlists the help of retired detective JOE BRYERSON, a close friend. Using a clue provided by Patty's college roommate, the two retired cops set out across the country to find the missing girl.

A foreign-born conspiracy based on archaic historically accurate mandates from the founder of Islam, another unthinkable act of large-scale terrorism inside the U.S.A., murder, and some solid investigative work by two aging retired American cops all combine to make this novel a memorable thriller.

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