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FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine

FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy - September 2010

FlagShip is an online-only SF/Fantasy short story magazine inviting you to launch into imagination. There are seven stories in this issue, including -
Too Damn Cold, by James Hartley - when a planet almost too hot to handle goes through a cold snap, what are the colonists to do?
Bringers of the Dead, by Doug Souza - the AI in his head drove him to kill, and together they were good at it. It was only a matter of time until they drew attention...
Face in the Abyss, by Charles Kyffhausen - Morgan LeFey's armies were so close - so very close to finally taking over the world. All she has to do is convince the champion of her enemies to change sides. What could possibly go wrong?
House of Shells, by Megan Arkenburg - She was the Royal Witchfinder, bound by oath to root out rogue wizards and bonewitches. But when she catches one bonewitch too man, her past may suddenly catch up with her.
The Paired Curse, by Billy Wong - Bors was... bored. The frontier fort was a fine place to train his troops, but too peaceful. The appearance of a noblewoman asking for training didn't seem like the kind of change he'd been looking for...
Mr. Silky Strikes Back by Alice Kemp - Her uncle was a smuggler of exotic pets. But when he started running a scam with a teleporting pet, he'd bitten off more than he could chew...
A Cowboy from King Arthur's Court - by Dave Cushing - the lone farmer welcomed the stranger in, but he had no idea how close to home the stranger's tales would come...

FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy - November 2010

FlagShip Issue 3 invites you to Launch into Imagination! - When popup ads appear over the President's desk during a live press conference, can he make a deal with the aliens, or will he be biting off more than he can chew?
Ghost Deli - When the owner of a grocery chain dies, his more business-minded subordinates start making changes. Little do they know he left a piece of himself behind.
Atlantean Treasure - It was a beautiful necklace the old lady gave her, but when dreams of long ago and far away start invading her life, will she be able to bear its weight?
Worse Than the Disease - The zombie apocalypse was bad enough, but these survivors had the bad luck to stumble into the lair of the Last Human. Does he have a cure for zombies? And will it win the war for humans... or lose it?
Revival - A telepathic spaceman awakens from a too-long cryosleep to discover that most of the crewmen aboard the rescue ship are holographic projections. Now he has to deal with brains in jars, alien thoughts, and a too-real threat from an unlikely source.
Christmas Spirits - This private detective was all too used to handling odd cases. What other kind would you take to a dragon? But when a run-down theater suddenly develops a taste for murder, can Vern and Sister Grace crack the case before the Ghost of Christmas Future appears and does their client in for good?

FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine - July 2010
FlagShip is an online-only SF/Fantasy short story magazine inviting you to launch into imagination. There are six stories in this issue including -
The Pirate, by H. E. Roulo - The namegivers prophesied that he would be a pirate. But he lived on a world with no crime, and no open bodies of water...
Affinity, by Mary Merrell - The crows followed him wherever he went. But when a neighbor starts to notice, Talon's life is about to change...
Ruby's Child, by Philip Carroll - A dwarf maiden finds herself orphaned, alone, and with child when she returns to her ancestral home. Can the dwarves overcome their prejudice? Set in P.G. Holyfield's word of Caern, by his permission...
Inciting Incident, by Blake M. Petit - He was studying the superheroes to understand how their powers worked. At least, that's what he told them...
Apprentice, by Mike Plested - Charlie was apprenticed to the wizard, and thought he'd learn magic, but when all he learns is cleaning and cooking. When his complaints threaten to get him kicked out, what can he do to convince his master to let him stay?
Snake Skin, by Brand Gamblin - author of Tumbler. Todd and Simon had worked together to develop the bionic "skins" that enhanced people's reflexes, strength, and speed. But when they reach the limits of human potential, how do they bring out the true potential of the 'skins? And what does it mean for humanity?

FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy - Jan 2012
FlagShip is shifting to shorter, leaner issues, and moving to a monthly schedule. That means that in 2012, expect to see a lot of FlagShip and Flying Island Press!

In This Issue:

Finding the Way Forward - The Editor talks about some new directions for the year, including the shift to monthly issues.

The Dame Wore White - She was a long, cool woman in a white dress, and nothing but trouble, but Mackleroy didn't care. He needed something to bring the spark back to his life.

Mercy - He was a man in a woman's world, hired to guide the Mender out to defeat the evil that had killed an entire town. What they found was mercy... of a sort.

Evolution: A Love Story. Shingling the house with old, useless CDs had seemed a good idea at the time. He really didn't mean for it to be a signal for alien spacecraft... and he certainly didn't think it was a marriage proposal!

View from the Poop Deck - Welcome to the End of the World. It's 2012! Finally! (In more than one sense of the word.)

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