Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dark Horseman by Charisse Howard @CharHow

Dark Horseman: a historical romance

When Victoria “Tory” Allen learns her beloved Belmont has gone up in flames, she jumps on a horse and races home to her injured grandfather. Grandall's niece Sally frets: How will such a headstrong belle make any Virginia gentleman a proper wife? Among the young gentlemen who'd like to find out is Sally’s handsome son, Charles, a Charlottesville lawyer.

Grandall shocks his whole household by hiring a gruff, bearded stranger called Ned Finn to run Belmont until he recovers. Tory resents the intrusion, although she can't help admiring Finn’s skill with horses. Charles questions the newcomer's growing influence over the ailing old man. All soon realize that the mysterious Mr. Finn is not what he seems. New discoveries, and some clues from Shakespeare, throw Belmont’s social order into chaos. Tory faces a desperate choice: can she save her beleaguered home, or will this "battle of stallions" destroy it?

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