Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Real Night of the Living Dead by Mark L. Kramer

The Real Night of the Living Dead (Dead Memories Series, Book One)

During the night of March 21st, 1951, many people died at Philadelphia State Hospital...Some more than once.

What started out as a simple medical experiment on an early spring evening turns the legendary mental hospital in Philadelphia into a breeding ground for the living dead. Veimer Stanton, an attendant at Byberry that night, tells his story of the events which took place.
Trapped in the center of the outbreak, Veimer decides to journey across the dangerous campus, through the increasing number of the undead, to save his girlfriend, a nurse, who may or may not have become a victim of the flesh eating maniacs. With the help of a few staff members and patients wanting to survive another day, Veimer struggles to fight his way to the other side, to his lover. Will he make it in time to rescue her before it's too late? 

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