Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strega Muirne: Book One of The Streghe by William Deen @WilliamDeen

Strega Muirne: Book One of The Streghe

8th century historical fiction/fantasy novella about the ancient practice of Stregheria.

Muirne (Moor na) descends from a long line of Streghe. Her kind have been persecuted for three generations. When church leadership begins threatening her, she seeks refuge in the mountains near Rome.
Alberich, her estranged son, returns after 4 years away. He is determined to fight and defend the 'Old Religion'. In doing so, he turns to darker forces, Malandanti, to combat the zealot Father Cleto Macrillo.

Mother is be pitted against son, Church against priest, and enemies become allies.
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